Burroughs Award for Orion and Chris Cokinos

Chris Cokinos’s “The Consolations of Extinction” (Orion, May/June 2007) has won the 2007 John Burroughs Essay Award. This award is given annually by the John Burroughs Association to an natural history essay whose content and style reflects the work of John Burroughs.

Essays appearing in Orion have won the essay award in each of the last three years and five out of the last six. Previous Orion winners are:

• 2006 David Gessner, “Learning to Surf” (March/April 2006)
• 2005 Judith Lowry, “Birdsong Ripens Berries, Wind Brings the Seeds” (May/June 2005)
• 2003 Freeman House, “Afterlife” (May/June, 2003)
• 2002 Jeff Lockwood, “Voices from the Past” (Summer, 2002)

Congratulations to Chris and to the essay’s editor, Jennifer Sahn.