Orion Meets Elvis

From Orion editor Jennifer Sahn:

When loyal butterfly blogger Bob Pyle realized that his butterfly travel plans included a trip to Graceland, leaving a copy of the Orion issue with Rebecca Solnit’s article “One Nation Under Elvis: An Environmentalism for Us All” at the grave site seemed the proper thing to do. Problem was, the Graceland phone operators are very intent on getting all visitors to take lengthy and pricey tours. Bob, having neither the time or the pocket change for that option, pressed and pressed and finally was told that in fact there are open visitor hours to Elvis’s grave between 7 and 8 a.m. Bob drove all night to get there, and joined a ragtag group of devotees in paying homage to The King. The grounds were otherwise all but empty at that hour, and quite delightful, Bob reports. And though it was too early for butterfly activity, he was able to ask Joseph Whittle, a friendly fellow reveler with a digital camera, to deliver the following photo to us.