Orion hosts author Ginger Strand

Ginger Strand, Orion’s newest contributing editor, stopped by our offices recently while on book tour. Her first book of nonfiction, Inventing Niagara: Beauty, Power, and Lies, was published in May by Simon and Schuster and has been well-reviewed by Newsweek, the New York Times Sunday Book Review, The Wall Street Journal (reviewed there by Orion’s own Bill Kauffman), and The Washington Post, among others. Ginger joined the staff for lunch and a discussion about how the book came to be (her first story for Orion, Faux Falls, in the November-December 2006 issue, formed the basis for a chapter), and what it’s like trying to keep a much-distracted publisher’s attention. She joined Orion staff and Orion contributors Jon Piasecki and Daniel Bellow for drinks after work, and was game to venture out into the Berkshire Hill towns for dinner, too. Ginger has become a prolific contributor to the magazine, publishing several features in recent issues, plus short pieces for Reviews and Sacred & Mundane. Look for more work from her in our pages soon.