Orion Cover Travels to Rwanda

The photographer of Orion’s September/October 2008 cover and the story “Healing Rwanda” by Terry Tempest Williams writes:

Dear Jason and the Orion Staff,

I saw Terry [Tempest Williams] last night and she told me the following story. Eric Renolds, one of the Barefoot Artists who was with us on our trip to Rwanda, and who is currently revisiting the refuge village took along several issues of Orion. He and Jean Bosco, our Red Cross liaison in Rugerero, took the magazine to the school where, just outside the classroom, the cover image was taken. Standing before all the students Jean Bosco held up the cover and said, “Will the Jump Rope Girl please come forward?” By this time all the children were hooting and clapping. The girl in the photograph ran to the front, gleefully took the magazine and began dancing around the room holding it over her head with all the other children singing, dancing, and joining in.

I want to say that I’ve had many photographs published in my career but never with such important results. With the help of everyone at Orion we have demonstrated to this child, and through her to the people of her village that they really do exist, that they matter to the rest of the world, and that things can get better.

Thanks so much for helping make that happen.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble Photographic Arts Inc.