Grassroots Network staff visits Ghent, NY member groups

Scott Gast and Erik Hoffner took a spin over the hills today to visit some valued Orion neighbors in Ghent, NY. Two Orion Grassroots Network member groups are there, The Nature Institute and Hawthorne Valley Association (pictured here with Scott on the right are Hillary and Martin of HVA). Each is doing important and complementary work, and it was a good opportunity to see their operations, especially the latter, with its 400 acre farm, farm store, and 260 student K-12 Waldorf School. Craig Holdrege of The Nature Institute spoke of the positive review his new book “Beyond Biotechnology: the barren promise of genetic engineering” received in the usually very pro-GMO journal Nature Biotechnology, oddly. Orion printed the essay that sparked that project, “The Question Science Won’t Ask” in its July/August 2006 edition.