National Magazine Awards to Be Announced April 22

This Thursday the National Magazine Awards will be announced. Orion is a finalist in the category of essay. This essay from Orion:

Joe Wilkins, “Out West”

is up against these:

Garrison Keillor, “Top Ten State Fair Joys” (National Geographic)
Daphne Merkin, “A Journey Through Darkness” (New York Times Sunday Magazine)
Michael Pollan, “Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch” (New York Times Sunday Magazine)
Mitch Albom, “Assignment Detroit” (Sports Illustrated)

Which one do you think should win?


  1. I was always partial to “Hell, Yeah, We Want Windmills,” but since it’s not in the running, “Out West” it is. Tough competition, though. This is like another Duke/Butler matchup, Sports Illustrated and National Georgraphic vs Orion. Seriously, congratulations to Orion and Joe Wilkins. Good luck. Great essay.

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