Orion’s Editor Gives Public Talk 9/15, Middlebury, VT

Each year the Middlebury Fellowships in Environmental Journalism selects ten freelance journalists near the beginning of their careers and Middlebury College undergrads for this esteemed program. They meet for a week in the fall at Bread Loaf in Middlebury, VT.

This year, Orion‘s Editor, Jennifer Sahn (a 1992 Middlebury alum), is a “visiting reporter” for the Fellowship and is giving a free public lecture on Wednesday, 9/15: “Unstuck: Writing Our Way out of the Eco-Conundrum.” Jennifer speaks in The Orchard at Middlebury College’s Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest, 531 College St., at 4:30 PM.

“Traditional nature writing is just not equipped to help solve what’s been called the ‘environmental crisis’—as if the crisis at its core were not really a crisis of humanity,” says Jennifer. “The humanities, of which literature is a part, are undoubtedly some of the more effective tools we have when it comes to changing culture. So what comes after nature writing, or what does nature writing become in order to help save humanity from itself?”


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