Discussion of “The Gulf Between Us” with Terry Tempest Williams

On November 17th, Orion hosted a special live discussion with Terry Tempest Williams on “The Gulf Between Us,” her epic and devastating 14,000 word piece in the November/December 2010 issue. She shared what more she’s learned about the Gulf oil disaster since the story was published, and invited several people from the story to share what is happening now in the Gulf. The conversation was moderated by Orion magazine staffers and recorded.

Listen to the full audio recording here.

Also of interest is Terry’s recent appearance on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation program: listen here.


  1. Thank you for your courage in facing this journey! I was born and raised in Houston, spent many years around the Gulf, lived in Baton Rouge for 2 years recently, still have families throughout the region and yet I didn’t have the courage to even look at many of the released photos…because I knew in my heart very deeply what it meant! I instead have done a woodcut print edition of 3 brown pelicans flying (entitled “Walk More So Others May Fly”)to sell as a fundraiser for the Restoration of the Gulf. Carving on the block was finished on the day they finally capped the well! I agree with you about where we need to go with policies, behavior modifications, etc. As more people are made aware of the long-term needs, they will respond. Each person can make a difference; many already are. The Golden Rule is remembered.

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