Multimedia Roundup: September/October 2012

The first of this year’s chilly-weather issues of Orion comes with a selection of audio and video supplements.

Whether you’re new to the magazine or have already curled up with the latest issue, don’t miss “Editors Out Loud,” our bimonthly podcast featuring Orion’s editors in conversation about the current issue. In the latest edition, editors Jennifer Sahn and Andrew Blechman discuss “The Fracking of Rachel Carson,” Sandra Steingraber’s remarkable remembrance of the Silent Spring author’s increasingly lost legacy. Read the essay, and watch an audio slide show featuring photographer Nina Berman’s beautiful, difficult images.

Jennifer and Andrew also discuss Rick Bass’s love letter to the larch, a glowing piece (fifteen years in the making!) on the author’s favorite tree; a short story excerpted from Barbara Kingsolver’s forthcoming novel; Justin Nobel’s musical report from the Arctic; and more.

Finally, after you’ve listened to Orion’s newest columnist, Luis Alberto Urrea, read magnificently from his latest contribution, spend some time with this haunting video stemming from Matt Black’s photo essay about a Mexican village that is literally slipping away.

Visit the Audio and Video page for a full listing of multimedia offerings, and subscribe to the Orion podcast on iTunes for conversations with Orion editors, authors, and artists.