Notes from the Underground

We get a lot of mail at Orion—books, mostly, but also letters from readers and contributors. Postcards, however, seem to be a lost communication art. Does anyone send postcards anymore, in the age of texts and phones with cameras?

But one day in October we got a postcard, from someone named Brian (we think), wishing us a happy 30th.

And then another, from Nina, and then from two Sues, a JM, and an Evey, and a mysterious “well-wisher” from the Postcard Underground. If you’ve heard of this group, you know they’re almost as anonymous as it gets. Even Minnesota Public Radio couldn’t crack their ranks. We’re not sure which part we enjoy more: the mystery, or the colorful, kind wishes. But we’ve got these postcards hanging around the office, so for now, we’re loving both.

Send us a postcard, if you’re so inclined! We’d love to hear from all our readers—those in secret organizations, or not.