The Crisis of Climate Change Reporting: A Discussion with Free Press and Guests, February 14

UPDATE: Listen to the audio recording of this event.

Mainstream media outlets serve the public poorly with reports about climate change that always follow familiar lines and surface only when there’s a weather event or a UN conference.

But with President Obama signaling his willingness to act on climate change on the one hand, and with news that many media outlets are scaling back environmental reporting on the other, Orion is teaming up with national media watchdog Free Press to propose concrete actions for improving climate reporting.

On February 14, at 4 p.m. Eastern, join a panel of writers and thinkers to discuss ways to rectify the situation. Joining us will be Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones; Orion columnist Bill McKibben; writer and activist Wen Stephenson; CBS News contributor and Nature Conservancy scientist M. Sanjayan; Nature founder Thomas Lovejoy; Journalism and Public Media Campaign Director Josh Stearns; and Susie Cagle of

The event is free to join, will be moderated by Orion staff, and is open to all readers and friends. Register here.

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  1. A Nation that places NO VALUE on Earth’s life support systems, places NO VALUE on LIFE! Price Carbon. Stop profits from polluting the commons. Bring distributed green energy production to the communities. Bring profits to the communities. Not profits to the polluters. Money is not the operative word here. Survival for Earth’s Life Support Systems and a livable Planet for the Kidders IS!
    There is no such thing as clean coal. Ship it over to China “WE the People” still get the pollution and the climatic disruption, the ecocide fossil barons still get the profits.
    Hell, I have a $120/T charge for home garbage, $50 for compost makings! Waste water fees and even “rain run off” is not free to this person. (Guide lines here?) Corpro/People deserve a bulk rate of free? They piss all over themselves at the thought of $25/ton for toxins! In fact they get my tax subsidy support in the process! Get real… Try throwing 19 pounds of paper cups out the car window for each gallon of gas you consume and report! We are talking justice here. Even Morals! Corporations are people now yet don’t respect the fiduciary common law of not polluting your neighbors land. For profit or otherwise!
    The GOP do not fund abortion. Fine. A precedent. Why must I fund, with my TAX DOLLARS, the ecocide of the PLANET!
    What is a fair price to dump tons of toxins in the pristine waters and air of the commons? I seldom see that question asked, much less answered. Ain’t we talking real money here? Cutting school lunches instead?
    Corporations are “People” now. Does not “WE the PEOPLE” mean ALL of us?
    Stop profits from the pollution of the commons.
    Humanity deserves nothing less! I demand NOTHING LESS!
    Both power and money have been conscripted by the ecocide fossil Barons… Distributed Green Energy gives both power and money back to “We the People!”

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