City Mouse, City Flower: A Discussion of Urban Nature, May 16

UPDATE: listen to a recording of this event.

Did you know that some of the best places to go birdwatching are in the sewage treatment lagoons of major cities? Not only do creatures like birds and mice survive in cities; they’re thriving and evolving for life there, as a new study recently showed. In fact, if you know where to look, life abounds in so-called urban wastelands, such as vacant lots, road and rail waysides, brownfields, fencerows, dumps, and alleyways.

How much more life is evident in our cities? And how much has our thinking about urban nature evolved in recent years?

Join us for a free live discussion featuring urban ecologists from all over North America, including Beatrix Beisner, co-editor of the new urban ecology guidebook Nature All Around Us, Liam Heneghan of DePaul University/Chicago Wilderness Science Team, and Kevin Anderson, proprietor of the blog Marginal Nature. The event will take place on May 16, at 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific.

The event is free to join, will be moderated by Orion staff, and is open to all readers and friends. Register here.

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