“Writing Naturally”: A Weekend with Orion’s Editor-in-Chief

In literature, there’s an opportunity to plunge yourself into an idea or someone else’s experience that allows for something that I think could be generally transformative. —H. Emerson Blake

Want to learn how to transform others’ or your own experiences through writing? Are you in love with the natural world and want to improve your writing about it? Maybe you’ve longed to attend the Wildbranch Writing Workshop, but something shorter would be more your speed? Well, we’ve got the answer for you.

From September 27 – 29, join Orion’s editor-in-chief, H. Emerson Blake, for “Writing Naturally,” a weekend writing workshop at the Rowe Center in Rowe, Massachusetts. You’ll learn how writers from Thoreau to Rachel Carson used language to express ideas and emotions that continue to affect how we interact with the natural world.

Whether you’re a journalist, poet, or new to the world of writing, “Writing Naturally” will help you master the craft, challenge your view of the world, and forge new connections.

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