Introducing the September/October 2013 Issue

From whales to wolves and a lot in between, selected content from the new issue of Orion is now online—we hope you’ll like what you see.

Check out the magazine’s table of contents page to peruse a few highlights from the issue, including Jennifer Lunden’s eye-opening essay about what’s wrong (and what needs to change) about the breast cancer awareness movement; a piece on the converging road trips of writer Joe Donnelly and the elusive OR7, the first wild wolf to enter California in eighty years; and a conversation with Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us, about that thorniest of questions: what should be done about the growing human population?

We hope you’ll enjoy the offerings above (including some related multimedia), and also consider picking up a copy of Orion in print. There, you’ll hear from our columnists on ghost rivers, capitalism, and the limited beverage options in prison, and you’ll come eyeball to eyeball with some of the biggest, most detailed photographs of whales we’ve ever seen—plus images of some truly artful infrastructure, an illustrated story from the UK, and much more.

To hear more about the issue, listen to the newest installment of the Editors Out Loud podcast, which features Orion’s editor, Jennifer Sahn, and managing editor, Andrew Blechman.

Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting Orion. We hope you enjoy the September/October 2013 issue, and if you’d like to share a thought, don’t hesitate to {encode=”” title=”send us a letter”}. We’d love to hear from you.


  1. I ordered a copy of your September/October 2013 magazine because you emailed my daughter that her photo would appear on page 9.

    Imagine my surprise when we received the magazine and her photo was not there.

    I am feeling duped because I spent $9.23 on a magazine ($7.00 for the magazine and $2.93 for shipping) for a promise that was not kept.

    The $9.23 may not sound like a lot of money to you, but my husband has been out of work for a year now. This magazine was a special surprise for my daughter. How disappointed are we?

    Oh, and by the way, I have emailed you several times, but you have ignored my emails.

  2. As a follow-up, I have received word from Andrew D. Blechman
    Managing Editor | Orion
    That my money will be refunded.
    They made an editorial change (which is allowed) but did not notify us of the change (which is also allowed).

    I’m very happy with the response and outcome.

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