Five Articles on Gratitude and Forgiveness

Photo: Gregory Thorp

Despite an unnerving year of confusion, loss, and outrage, there is still so much for which to be grateful. This Thanksgiving, as everyone hunkers at home distanced from their loved ones, our staff put together five Orion articles that best express gratitude and forgiveness. Enjoy, and stay safe out there.


  Uncommon Gratitude” by Trebbe Johnson (July/August 2015)

On giving thanks to wounded places.

  Freebirds” by Michael P. Branch (November/December 2011)

A Thanksgiving lesson in forgiveness.

  Ode to the Fish,” a poem by Ellen Bass (November 2010)
  World at Dawn” by Diane Ackerman (July/August 2009)

The pleasure of life rekindled

  Sharing the Table” by Samantha M. Harvey (Winter 2019)

How artists and activists find space to thrive on a working farm.



This is a collection of Orion Staff contributions.