The Five Most Terrifying Orion Stories This Halloween

Photo by Mark Laita

This Halloween we asked Orion staff to identify some of the most skin-crawling Orion articles from the past four decades. From rabid bats to radical bicycle gangs and snake hallucinations, here are five staff favorites guaranteed to leave a mark.



Nuin by Max Porter (Autumn 2021)
We aren’t pretty pictures, we’re not even trees, we’re deep time survivors with complex needs.



Swimming with Crocodiles by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing and Nils Bubandt (Spring 2020)
Nature is avenged by a prehistoric animal.



Send in the Clowns by Marc Svenvold (January 2008)
Bicycle nomads, Texas utopianism, and the post-petroleum era.



Fear Itself by Melanie Challenger (Spring 2018)
The biological and cultural origins of being scared.



The Rabies Principle by Sandra Steingraber (Fall 2007)
Why some health dangers inspire precaution—and some don’t.


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This is a collection of Orion Staff contributions.