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Photos By (from left to right): Tim Flach / Aletheia Casey / Randy Olson / Shawn Heinrichs / Beth Moon / Nick Brandt / Amy Toensing / Robery Clark / Jane Goodall / Javier Aznar / Ivan Pedretti /Jo Sax (All Courtesy of Vital Impacts)

12 Stunning Nature Photos to Inspire Habitat Protection

Vital Impacts is running its annual print sale to help inspire habitat protection

VITAL IMPACTS, ALONG WITH MORE THAN one hundred of the world’s finest photographers who share a commitment to the environment, have made their prints available in this stunning winter collection. Treat yourself or a loved one to a gorgeous, unique gift and help protect endangered habitats and mentor rising environmental journalists.

Choose between dozens of both Open Edition and Limited Edition prints.


A group of snadhill cranes in the water as purple lightning strikes
Sandhill Crane Migration, by Randy Olson. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A close up of a bison's head in a dust cloud
Bison, by Amy Toensing. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A small brown owl against a yellow sky
Athene Noctua, by Javier Aznar. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A close-up of a cassowary's face
Cassowary, by Robert Clark. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Hills of golden grass in front of snowy mountains
Difference, by Ivan Pedretti. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A group of foxes inside a building overrun with plants
Foxes, by Jo Sax. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A black and white photo of a woman with a sloth
Ruth and Zosa, Bolivia, 2022, by Nick Brandt. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A black and white photos of crows on a bare tree branch
Odin’s Cove #2, by Beth Moon. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A close up of a whale's tail under the water
Whale Tail, by Shawn Heinrichs. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A ghostly image of a white bird against a dark background
To Dance with Shadows: Flight, by Aletheia Casey. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Four penguins diving under the water
Gentoo Penguins Diving, by Tim Flach. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Jane Goodall crouching in a brilliantly green jungle with a small telescope on a tripod
Hand-Signed Self-Portriat, by Jane Goodall. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

DR. JANE GOODALL DBE, THE WORLD’S FOREMOST EXPERT on chimpanzees, has contributed exclusive, hand-signed prints that she took herself over sixty years ago in Gombe National Park with her beloved chimpanzees.

Vital Impacts is a women-led nonprofit initiative founded by National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale with the mission to support organizations that are protecting people, wildlife, and habitats. They are aiming to raise a million dollars to support Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots and Vital Impacts Environmental Photography Grants, and are currently accepting applications for a pair of grants that will support the development of an environmental documentary project.

Vital Impacts is minimizing environmental impact by offsetting emissions. The printing, shipping, ordering system, and web platform for the sale are all carbon neutral. Click here to learn more.


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