Audio Slide Show: The Fracking of Rachel Carson

Author Sandra Steingraber, who is at the forefront of efforts to halt fracking across the Marcellus Shale deposits, reads excerpts from her essay about the fiftieth anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, accompanied by a full portfolio of fracking photos by Nina Berman.


  1. Last two minutes, with the author’s questions, are very powerful. They should be the same questions we pose to ourselves

  2. I am passionately devoted to preventing fracking and use of injection wells for fracking wastewater. Thank you for this excellent article. And deep gratitude to Rachel Carson.

  3. Very well done.
    Thank you Sandra and Rachel.

  4. Unfortunately, the video won’t load on my mac for some reason.

  5. Thanks you Sandra for this wonderful piece that will help us all in providing another voice for this hydrofracking tragedy.

    An excellent teaching tool to help inform those who are still without real knowledge and truth.
    Angela Monti Fox

  6. I mourn for my home state, Pennsylvania, the largest continuous stretch of forest land in North America, and for the future generations who will never know the asthetic beauty, pure water, clean air, and way of life that was once Pennsylvania.

  7. fracking is the pollution that Rachel Carson fought against and the way to remember her is to carry on her fight. We must think of her as ever-present urging us on as a figure likeJoan of Arc with her standard flying as she marches in front of this sacred environmental army.

  8. Oh my, Nothing to say…just a deep hurtful cry.

  9. We can–and will–ban fracking in Pennsylvania! I will never give up the fight against this insanity.

  10. The article in the magazine is compelling and extraordinarily disturbing. I immediately wanted to share the slide show with friends but, sadly, I find the voiceover anything but compelling. The script is fine and she certainly sounds sincere, but I think a more vibrant and urgent voice would make the narrative even more resonant. This is a story which needs to be told!

  11. EXCELLENT! INFORMATIVE! Each of us who have viewed, now have a responsibility to share. AWAKE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!!! (Jim, try again.)

  12. Thank you! I wish that all of Southern Illinois could see your presentation and feel its urgency. JoAnn Nelson

  13. A persuasive sequence of information, punctuated with visually powerful images. The health perspective is compelling. Masterful!
    Thanks everyone

  14. Rachel Carson’s environmental ethic points toward a future in harmony with nature. It is true that the fracking of Marcellus Shale for natural gas is proceeding apace without consolidation of scientific impact on living systems. It is seen as the inevitable necessity for an energy hungry economy. BUT, we need to bridge to a sustainable and renewable economic base that does not contribute to the Carbon Dioxide burden. Marcellus Shale gas is still a fossil fuel, It is still used by combustion in systems of the Victorian age that waste 2/3 of the fuel value in generating electricity; and in the internal combustion engine, wastes over 80% of the fuel value. We need to be FOR a renewable energy system, removing the institutional barriers that impede its mainstream adoption. Simply opposing fossil fuel processes like Mountaintop Removal mining and Fracking is not sufficient. We must illustrate that living buildings, renewable energy, green chemistry and organic agriculture can produce a more robust, healthier and more permanent solution. A preferable state of being that the continued pursuit of a fossil based economy that is leading to our destruction as an aerobic species, and all the earth with us.

  15. Nina Berman’s images capture the reality of this toxic practice. This is one of the most important issues of our time and must be shared.

  16. Sandra Steingraber is a worthy successor to Rachel Carson who would be proud of her work and at her side. Thank you for creating this moving and effective short masterpiece.

  17. Each time I hear Sandra speak I am more impressed and more determined to not let fracking happen in my gorgeous state of NY. The people must be heard on this subject, not ovrpaid politicians who prostrate themselves to industry in order to stay in office and suck from the public trough.

  18. Thank you. I’ll pass it on, after I wipe away my tears.

  19. Wow! This well done piece has made me stop and really think about what we are doing to our Mother Earth. I’m embarrassed and ashamed. Thank you so much for helping me understand and thus encouraging me to do what I can, however small, to support our common goal of responsibility to minimalist living and greater attention to responsible stewardship.

  20. May I suggest? At some point we Pennsylvanians need to go to the Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg where the Department of Environmental Protection (now acting as the Department of Environmental Pollution) is located, drape in black sackcloth Ms. Carson’s name above the entryway, and properly mourn the defamation of her name and her legacy that goes on daily in that building under Secretary Krancer and Governor Corbett. 24 hours of keening would be in order. If Ms. Carson was with us now, I think she would join us in insisting that her name be taken off that building.

  21. I don’t know where the slideshow is I gave you my email can you tell me where it is. Thank you, if you do send it and I’m trying to find out things about Rachel Carson
    Sincerely Jazmyn

  22. Why would people do this soon we will be ,oh you know, DEAD. We are committing suicide I think we worked too hard to just die because we need faster ways to do things or faster computers or electricity!My dog died a 1/2 a month ago because she was around stupid electricity Why do we even fight when we no longer need to fight all we do now is kill,rob,and take and take and take!!!!!(and I’m only 11 and I needed to get that off my chest so think you for letting people post comments )THANK YOU, Kaylee Bachelder<3

  23. This is amazing. thanks so much for compiling this. It is very important

  24. Why do governments allow the polluters to continue their destructive work? Are they to benefiot from them personally or on a government level?

  25. Thank you Sandra. Thank You Rachel. I too am passionately opposed to fracking and just as devoted to stopping this horrible slaughter and plunder! I am sharing your video far and wide. The tears fall down & once again-caught without an umbrella.

  26. Chanda Chevannes Meets Sandra Steingraber

    On a winter’s day back in 2004, I spoke with Sandra Steingraber for the first time. Before picking up the phone, I closed the door to my office and stared out my drafty bay window. My stomach was in knots. I had a detailed script for the conversation in front of me. I had prepared it several days earlier, just in case Sandra suddenly decided to call before the appointed time.

  27. Sandra and Rachel would have been strong friends and allies in their work against industrial destruction of our environment. Thank you both. What a pleasure it was for me to meet Sandra in person at the New York City Climate March this year.

  28. very disturbing-I can see no bright future in natural gas but literally a well poisoner-I wish the general public understood this industry for what it is

  29. FRACKING is the natural gas equivalent of MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL, an extreme extraction method for coal.

    I used to think we are fortunate that no mountaintop removal is practiced in Pennsylvania (it is rampant, unfortunately, in West Virginia). But whether you blow up the tops of mountains, or blow up their bedrock foundations, it is an abomination.

  30. Once again, this is another case where the almighty green dollar has more influence on government and major business than health and safety of our air, water, land and animal and human life. Rachel Carson had it so right so long ago and yet no one listened. The destruction and killing continues all over the world. This is such a moving article but is anyone doing anything and listen and reading?

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