Bringing Cultural Diversity to the Environmental Movement

The population of the United States, and that of many countries, is becoming more ethnically diverse every day. However, the environmental movement has had limited success bringing that diversity into its ranks, despite the fact that people of color greatly support environmental efforts. Orion hosted a roundtable discussion on how that reality can be reversed, with powerful implications for the movement as a whole. Featured guests included Marcelo Bonta of the Center for Diversity and the Environment, Ginny McGinn of the Center for Whole Communities, and Monica Smiley of Tualatin Riverkeepers.


  1. I’d love the link to Mr. Bonta’s PDF.

    Many thanks!


  2. Thank you so much for this insightful presentation. As a person of color in the environmental field, I am only now beginning to unpack some of these issues plaguing the US environmental movement. I have done a lot of work with young people and the environment in India, and as an American Indian, I see my role in the US environmental movement as a bridge on some of the topics around equity and diversity.

  3. The pdf doesn’t appear to be available any more – is there another link we should check out or is the print copy the only one available? Thanks, really appreciate the important and pertinent conversation.

  4. It is rare that conservation grant sources are available for urban vs agricultural areas. The populations tone served are less-connected and outreach is incidental at best. Does ORION have viable ideas how we might tackle this tiger?

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