Ginger Strand Discusses the Future of Automobiles

Orion managing editor Andrew Blechman interviews author Ginger Strand about Speed Week at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats and the mostly male obsession with acceleration. Strand discusses her time at Speed Week among the usual suspects of motorheads, as well as a new breed of speed geeks pursuing record-breaking acceleration fueled by alternative means such as battery and compressed air.


  1. sad that yet another auto commentator beleives the miracle solution to gas driven cars is alternative power from electricity, batteries etc. All of that is from the same source, fossil fuels.

    we won’t have cars, for lots of reasons, as peak oil plays out. this is the underlying critical issue, not what you put in the hot rod tank.

  2. If someone lives within walking distance of their employment and there is a grocery store along the way 75% of their transportation needs are met.
    I worked with a Californian on temporary work assignment in Utah. He said that if you were not driving 40 miles per day to your workplace in California you didn’t have a real job.

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