Interview with Sandra Steingraber

Executive Editor Hal Clifford interviews Sandra Steingraber about her May/June 2009 article “3 Bets” which concerns ecology, economy, and human health.


  1. Interesting. You mean hydrofracking prcoudes carcinogens- kinda like Love Canal, Niagara Falls? Well, that’s a relief because we all know that in Love Canal they didn’t have to close the elementary school due to poisonous substances and we all know that childhood cancers and adult cancers didn’t skyrocket in numbers there- NOT! I truly believe that, until the CEOs of the gas companies all have wells in THEIR backyards and near THEIR children’s schools, hydrofracking cannot be considered at all safe. Let’s face it, people, the gas companies plan to continue to poison every area in which they frack unless, by some miracle, government officials decide to care.

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