Video: A Conversation with Margaret Atwood and Rebecca Solnit

Two writing giants discuss the Arctic, Barry Lopez, their craft, and meringues.

2022 marked Orion’s 40th anniversary, and to celebrate, the magazine unveiled two new award programs. One of them, the Orion Barry Lopez Award for Achievements in Letters and Environments, celebrates authors whose work reveals a complex and compassionate relationship with the natural world. That award was given to none other than Margaret Atwood.

Here, writer Rebecca Solnit interviews Atwood on the namesake of the award, the late writer and naturalist Barry Lopez. They discuss the Arctic, muse on Atwood’s adventures and relationship to writing, break to check on meringues in the oven, and more.

For an edited transcript of the portion of this interview that aired during the 40th anniversary event, see here.


  1. A most enjoyable and informative conversation. Three of my favorite writers: Barry, Margaret, and Rebecca.

  2. thank you for this excellent interview with 2 fav authors

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