Orion Editors Out Loud: September/October 2012

Orion editors Jennifer Sahn and Andrew Blechman discuss the September/October 2012 issue of Orion, including Sandra Steingraber’s essay about the fiftieth anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring; Sue Halpern’s interview with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders; Rick Bass’s ode to the larch; Matt Black’s haunting photo essay about a village in rural Mexico that has literally lost its moorings; and an excerpt from Barbara Kingsolver’s forthcoming novel.


  1. I was excited to discover that my two sons, Colin Cheney and Ian Cheney, had been published in your Sept-Oct issue as a portfolio of their poetry and photographs. I was disappointed to discover that your online access provided no evidence of their work, even when I checked on the ” show full listing of contents” when I went to investigate purchasing issues,or under the poetry listing for that issue. I understand that you do not include access to full content in your online access, but that not even the title of the portfolio, or their names as contributors, is shown for the contents of the print version of the Sept-Oct issue seems incomplete, and of course, as their Dad who wants to share the fun, as unfortunate. Still, it is great to see their collaboration and the wonderful spread in your impressive magazine.I’m glad you are doing what you are doing for the awareness of our shared world. I’ll just have to figure out a less technological means of sharing my sons’ message and their achievement with my friends. (I teach at Milton Academy and was hoping to be able provide a link on our website to their work in your magazine — any ideas?) Thank you for publishing such a fine magazine, and for including their work i in the print version. Keep up the good work!

  2. Bryan,

    This was actually a technical glitch. Your sons’ work is now listed on this issue’s digital table of contents.

    Best wishes,

    Andrew Blechman
    Managing Editor, Orion

  3. Sept/Oct 2012 Editors Out Loud – Really?

    You really need an audio editor. I counted 30 times Jennifer or Andrew said “really” in 13 minutes, generally as meaningless filler. It’s really unlistenable. Really. Perhaps you should be really more scripted. Love the magazine, but this podcast is really hard to listen to.

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