Sacred Headwaters, a Slide Show

The Sacred Headwaters—a region of British Columbia the size of Great Britain—is one of the most remote and unexplored places on Earth. Today, as hundreds of new coal and methane mining projects start up, the Headwaters are under siege.


  1. Here we go again! After Bristol Bay in Alaska now it’s the turn of Sacred Headwaters in BC! Unfortunately I feel that a radical change in energy policy is not going to come from governments, after all it seems to me that they are puppets of the oil and gas industry so it has to come from us. Stop driving your car, stop heating your house with fossil fuels, use electricity if only come from wind or solar power, don’t buy plastic…etc.etc..What?

  2. This is almost the last wilderness. Don’t let it go toward creating more CO2

  3. My heart aches to see such beauty in danger.
    We have to ALL stand and FIGHT this corporate take-over of all things good and beautiful in this world.
    Our world is more threatened now than ever before.

  4. I pray that we humans can be more creative for the solutions they seek while leaving something so sacred…”sacred”. I pray that we fill the minds of those that make decisions about this with lots of positive light so they may see longer term and with a wholeness for all the energy that surrounds us. I pray that we keep moving in the direction of making good character decisions…and not selfish ones. I am grateful that we can be apart of sharing what we need to know. Thank you to those that care. blessings to all.

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  6. About the Sacred Headwaters

    It’s a beautiful place
    This special space
    Carved out of history of time
    And wow! Right here in Canada
    This land is yours and mine
    The natural area should be preserved for every generation to see.
    Let it be a heritage site
    And let it stand as a testament to our God given land.


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