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A series of images from within the story over a black backgorund

When Suffering Goes Viral

IT WAS THROUGH THE GLASS SCREEN of my windshield that I first saw the people, residents of the city of Philadelphia, where I also live, who suffer from drug addictions so Continue reading

The Forest Clearing

“WHAT DOES THE LAND WANT?” We gather in ceremony to hold this central question, trusting the forest will answer in its own time. Around the circle we introduce ourselves to our Continue reading


Philosophy is really homesickness, an urge to be at home everywhere. Where, then, are we going? Always to our home. —Novalis, Fragments   THE EXPLOSION WAS THE BEGINNING of the end Continue reading

Poetry of Witness

MAYBE IT’D BE a stand of trees encircling a ground soft with pine needles, out of view of neighbors so as not to scare them, but close enough that, should danger Continue reading