Lay of the Land

Back to the Land

Not far from Austin, a dirt road winds through patches of bluestem, spiked mesquite, and twisted live oaks on the working Freeman ranch, owned by Texas State University. Continue reading


7 Gentle Ways to Use a Broom in Spring

What do we expect, really, opening wide the doors for spring-cleaning? A raccoon that visits in the daytime is not likely to be rabid; it is just looking for pie and cookies. Fortunately, the broom is at hand. Continue reading


A Delicate Trust

THIS PROJECT BEGAN at a small, wildlife rehabilitation center seventy-five miles north of Seattle, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, where injured, wild creatures come to finish their journeys or Continue reading



I HAVE BEEN SO hawk-addled and owl-absorbed and falcon-haunted and eagle-maniacal since I was a little kid that it was a huge shock to me to discover that there were people Continue reading