Lay of the Land


THE GEESE LAND one day amid the asphalt and anger and radio static and sweat, their feathers bright against the dull shades of our lives. Celebrity comes quickly. Inmates press their Continue reading

Lay of the Land

Love of Home

A RASPY, emphatic proclamation—“phoebe!”—bursts from the hemlocks Sunday morning, announcing the return of our birds. No need for an alarm clock now. At first light, the male declares his workday has Continue reading


The Seabird’s Cry

Henry Holy & Co., 2018. $32, 416 pages. FULMAR, puffin, kittiwake, gull, guillemot, cormorant and shag, shearwater, gannet, great auk “and its cousin razorbill,” albatross. The Seabird’s Cry accompanies a dozen Continue reading