BK Loren

BK Loren is the award-winning author of the novel Theft, and the essay collection Animal, Mineral, Radical. Her short fiction and essays have garnered many national awards and have been published in The Best Spiritual Writing Anthologies, Parabola, Yoga International, Orion, and elsewhere.


Dreaming in Dirt

WHEN I SEE DIRT in my dreams, I know I’m going to have a wild sleep. All night long, stories rise up from vast expanses of gritty soil, landscapes that read like hieroglyphics, like love notes, like survival tales, like novels. Continue reading


Got Tape?

I’M STANDING IN MY DRIVEWAY on a spit-freezing cold morning, waving my mittened hand to a friend who has declined to join me. “No one in this neighborhood’s going to listen Continue reading