Chris Dombrowski

Chris Dombrowski

Chris Dombrowski and is poet and writer who lives in Missoula, Montana. His publications include chapbooks, Fragments with Dusk in ThemSeptember Minatures with Blood and Mars, collections, By Cold WaterEarth Again, and his first nonfiction book Body of Water published by Milkweed Editions. His honors include the Associated Writing Programs Intro Award, Alligator Juniper’s National Poetry Prize, and a runner-up (Earth Again) for Foreword Magazine’s Poetry Book of the Year. His poems have appeared in many literary journals and have been anthologized in Joyful Noise: An Anthology of American Spiritual Poetry (2006),Making Poems (2012), and others.


Possible Psalm

When I saw light the sculptor chiseling sheer bluff from slope — the punk wood landing as shadow in down-mountain saddles, a coarse grit teasing out the basalt’s facelike features, then Continue reading



Submit your own haiku in the discussion area. TO REACH THE HONEY HOLE I have to cross a channel of knee-high, silt-stained river with twenty-month-old Luka, my mushroom-picking partner, on my Continue reading