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Winter 2021 cover of a Dream Puppet co-created by artists with disabilities, directed by Marina Tsaplina and installed in a low-lit, old growth forest in Montana’s Yaak Valley. The puppet is constructed using various materials and has wheels and a head.

Winter 2021

IN THIS ISSUE, we gather a selection of writers and artists whose experiences broaden our understanding of sickness and disability, to foster a conversation among them about how the body informs Continue reading

Autumn 2021

IN THIS ISSUE, Holly Haworth peels back the world’s skin in “Bodies of Knowledge.” Katrina Vandenberg explores how a flower became our companion in the dark. In “Bayou Sutra,” Emily Sekine Continue reading

Summer 2021

IN THIS ISSUE, we follow the roots to find life in new soil. A community gathers around an elusive white truffle in “Fruit of the Woods.” Join “The Ugly Club” and Continue reading

Spring 2021

IN THIS ISSUE, we peer into the ways in which humans depict nature. In “Lifelike,” Ella Frances Sanders shares illustrated musings on the essence of landscape. Emily Raboteau takes us on Continue reading

Winter 2020

IN THIS ISSUE, we turn your attention to color, to how human interpretations of nature’s hues cast meanings that can unite or divide us from each other and from the environment. Continue reading