Place Where You Live:

Battle Lake, Minnesota

Standing in the sand letting my feet get washed by the waves of Lake Clitherall, I hold my net ready to catch the nearest minnow. I’ve been awake for a few hours, starting off my day at sunrise sitting on the dock with my nana throwing bits and pieces of bread into the water to feed the sun fish. The fish fight each other and jump out of the water in order to get the pieces of bread from the bakery nearby that my Papa picked up that morning. Before it gets hot out, I go out for a 2 mile run on the windy and hilly dirt roads. The runs make me feel at home because it is so quiet with barely any cars. The fields that I run by are so beautiful and scenic and make me feel like I’m finally home. As my day goes on, I sit in the sun on the dock to tan. I usually have a book in my hand for my summer reading or I’m with my cousins lying out in the sun. After having lunch and playing a game of slamwich with my cousins, I usually go tubing or water skiing with my papa. At night after dinner, our whole family sits at the dining room table to play a game of pick scrabble.

                Some days, my cousins and I will go out on the kayaks and canoe and go down to “turtle cove” to catch turtles. Turtle cove is a very shallow swamp where we catch turtles for the downtown turtle races every Thursday. We keep the turtles that we catch in a cage at the shore of our little beach at our house. The second day we get to the lake, we go out into town to the local candy shop “Granny’s Pantry” and get a big bag of candy for ourselves and also an ice cream for the ride home. Every day I sit in the peaceful sun by the water and it feels exactly like home to me because I’m around the best people in the best place on Earth.