Place Where You Live:

Camarillo, California

Beautiful Camarillo (the view I see every morning I leave my neighborhood)

Camarillo is all I’ve known for the past 20 years of my life. I was born and raised here, never moving houses once. Camarillo is a nice small town that is less populated than other places, such as Ventura or Thousand Oaks. One of the pleasures (and annoyances) of living in a small town like this one is that everyone seems to know each other. We are all pretty much super connected and you are more than likely to see someone you know whenever you step outside of your house to go shopping for groceries or on some type of errand. Even though I don’t know everyone who lives in Camarillo, the chances are that I know someone who knows of another person that I don’t know.

I always thought the best thing about Camarillo is it’s location. Most people say that it’s about an hour away from Los Angeles and two hours away from Santa Barbara. But the things that I’ve always loved about living in Camarillo is that you no matter where you live, you are probably close to some amazing restaurant or establishment that has crazy good food. The food here is amazing and so diverse. Another great thing about Camarillo is it’s proximity to the beach and the weather. Depending on where you live in Camarillo, you will always be able to just drive for 15 to 20 minutes west and find yourself on a beach. Malibu beach and Santa Monica pier are only about 45 minutes away if you continue to drive south, and Carpinteria and Ventura beach are about the same amount of time away if you continue to drive north. One of the best parts about the weather is that it mostly stays between 70 to 80 degrees all year round; only dropping to the 60’s in winter and 90’s in summer. This makes it possible to visit the beach any time of the year.

Even though Camarillo can seem rather small at times, it is still full of many treasures and things to do. For example, we have 2 movie theaters, an amazing collection of shopping outlets, an endless amount of great restaurants, farmers markets on Saturdays, a cool museum for airplanes, the Camarillo annual air show and festival, music at the park events, Sky High, and many many more activities. Plus, if you can’t find anything else to do in Camarillo, then you won’t have to travel very far to find it.

Although Camarillo isn’t very well known for many things and most people aren’t aware of it’s existence, I still feel that Camarillo is a hidden jewel on the map that will always be my home.