Place Where You Live:

Carbondale, Colorado

My Rocky Mountains

My home is always changing. Whenever I can, I am exploring the land around me From summer flowers to deep snow; from kayaking the rivers to skating them when they freeze over; mountain biking the trails then skiing them two months later. My home is not a house; my house is my basecamp. My house is where I go to reenergize and plan my next adventure. Whether that is a simple day drive to a mountain lake or a longer camping trip along a river or a trial. My real home are the mountains and rivers around me. When ever I had time, I would be outside exploring the area around me. Over the years my friends and I would spend our time driving through the Rockies finding new places to spend our time.

Over the years we have found our own places most people have never seen. We have our rocks to climb and lakes to fish during the summer and spring. From these places we can see our surrounding areas where we watch the world go by. During the winter we spend our days skiing and our nights making campfires along the frozen dirt roads along the mountain passes.

My best memories are when I am away from the world, when it is just me and my friends. At the ends of the night we put out the campfire and take a look at the stars. With no glaring man-made light we can see them in their full. I get the best sleep when i’m outside. Breathing in fresh mountain air all night and waking up to natural light and the sounds of birds and nature. We make breakfast in silence and pack our bags. over the course of the day we will go over mountains and walk along the creeks. There is no better feeling then standing on top of a mountain looking at the world around you. When I am standing looking out, unable to see any man-made structure, then I am at home.