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Cody, Wyoming

This photo shows Jim Mountain, behind the corrals in Cody, Wyoming.

The mountains stand tall against the bluest sky you’ll ever see, and the air smells sweetly of sage and dust. When you look down the highway you can see for miles. The altitude is much higher than most places I’ve been yet I can breathe easily here. The space seems infinite. Evergreen trees climb the mountains, interspersed between them are beautiful rock formations. And I know that it doesn’t get much better than this.

Cody, Wyoming is my favorite place in the world and I consider myself extremely lucky to have such strong ties to such a beautiful part of our country. The nature is endless, as are the adventures. Each season brings new activities to feed the hunger of an adventurous soul. The summers are my favorite because the weather is much kinder to my love of being outdoors. Growing up, summer days in the west consisted of horseback rides, river rafting, rodeos, hiking, fishing, and day trips into Yellowstone. In the winters we snow mobile, ski, and spend time by the fire.

Galloping on horseback through the Wyoming Mountains is an experience unlike any other. The wind blows swiftly through your hair as the dust kicked up by the horses quickly coats your widely smiling face. And as you look around you will see a variety of magnificent wildlife such as bison, mountain sheep, otters, eagles, elk, whitetail deer, and, my personal favorite, moose.

But beyond the nature and endless fun to be had, my favorite part of being in Wyoming is the beautiful stars that shine at night. Without the glaring lights of a city to hide them, the stars shine fiercely and in large numbers. It’s impossible to put the beauty of a starry Wyoming night into words, but it is truly breathtaking to look at, and renders you speechless. Life in the amazing state of Wyoming is simpler than that of many other places but the experiences to be gained and natural wonders to see are those of a lifetime.