Place Where You Live:

Culver City, Los Angeles

Culver City Hotel

In the middle of the city life, chaos and tourist landmarks are where my home of 13yrs have been spent. My home is where the night is young and lights everywhere you look. The weather in Los Angeles is never snowy and not too rainy, windy, hot, or cold; almost as if this city of angels got blessed with a happy medium. Culver City, specifically, holds a great importance in my life because it is a historical city that has made history in mine and my family’s life. From my aunts being fresh immigrants to my mother living as a fresh immigrant in the historic Culver Hotel, Culver City has shaped our lives by helping us make history in this grand city.
In the summer, as many tourists from Asia and Europe pour in, I’m only a couple miles away from some of the famous celebs and greatest tourist attractions in California, like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Palisades, Venice Beach, Downtown LA, and The Grove. I may be in a city filled with some of the U.S.’s greatest richest and poorest as well. You would think that living in between the city of fame everyone would be living and loving life in the midst of it all; when in reality I’m living in a one bedroom apartment without air conditioning. There is another side to/by this city like Compton, Inglewood, South Gate that is empty of tourists and hidden behind the but instead there’s large family living in a two-bedroom house, cramped and in need to support their family. The city I’m from are sprinkles of a little a bit of everything California has to offer.