Place Where You Live:

Deerfield, Massachusetts

As I walked, the pebbles on the dirt road crunched beneath my feet. Around me, birds tweeted, a lone eagle screeched, and crickets buzzed. But what I noticed most of all were the trees. The trees were everywhere. To my left, fallen trees lay in a heap of tangled branches and untamed weeds. They stretched more than twenty feet overhead and in the places they did not reach the sun stabbed through. Inside the trees was the thin silk of an intricate web, a little animal darting back and forth, dodging rocks and thorns, and bees who occasionally flew from their hiding spots and buzzed past me. The leaves that fell from the trees came in an array of colors. Some were green with orange tips, others were yellow or red, but after enough time they all would crumple and turn into a dull brown. Looking beyond, I saw a river or pond where the ground split and dented. Then, finally, there were no more trees and instead wild grass taller than I replaced them.