Place Where You Live:

Eldorado, New Mexico

No plants or pear trees blossom, no matter how much love and affection they receive. This place of strife resides next to roads that twist and turn as if on a roller coaster and next to roads that shake, rattle and roll, the whole time destroying one’s car.

This is where blissful Saturday mornings are full of blue jays, robins and crows who make their unique chirps and coos, only to be disrupted by the revving up of ATVs in the distance. For some horrible reason, the revving and the howling from the riders, which sounds like something from a horror movie, is a weekly routine in the summers at five A.M.

I hate the summers.

Spring, however, is interesting… There are suicidal bunnies… EVERYWHERE.

These buggers mate, procreate, oh about a hundred and fifty offspring each, and have an affinity or an obsession with death. There are two different breeds of bunnies. I classify them as: the brown bunnies and the white bunnies. The brown bunnies blend into the environment, looking like miniature humps of dirt or clay. These bunnies are easy to spot, but tend to dart out in front of any car that moves. There is no prejudice or preferred vehicle, just a hunger for the thrill of “what if” and “will I survive crossing that?” It’s likely these creatures thrive on danger. I wonder if they’ve been talking to a chicken lately…

Then, there are the white bunnies. These are the ones you need to watch out for as they truly blend into the remaining snow piles. These bunnies emerge from the snow piles and put on a little show before their demise. They will literally hop, skip and do a little dance before they jump in front of a four-wheeler. Hey, dinner and a show! Who knew?
This is Eldorado: a place of strife, horror and chemically imbalanced bunnies.