Place Where You Live:

Fort Jackson, South Carolina

First thing you see

Some may believe that you are what makes a home. Well in my eyes home is where your heart is. I was given the opportunity to spend 4 months in this beautiful town. Despite the cold mornings. Being able to wake up every morning and watch the sunrise. This beautiful area I am talking about is Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina. I was there for military training and I ended up having an extended stay due to an injury in training. But that just gave me more time to spend visiting a new location. I was there in the months of December-April. January was the first time I had ever watched snow fall out of the sky. As we started getting closer to spring the rain started to fall, rainbows started to arrive and everywhere around me was as green as could be. For being someone from California many would think I am crazy for speaking so highly of a town outside of my state. But I honestly think that there is more out there in the world than just the ocean. Being in South Carolina away from my family and away from my comfort zone. I began to realize that there are just as many beautiful areas. Since I was in training when I was at Fort Jackson I was able to take in a lot of my surroundings because we had to walk all the time. Being at Fort Jackson for as long as I was made me start calling it my home. Going into it I was told I was going to hate it and I was only gonna be there for 7 weeks. But with the extended stay as I mentioned before I was able to find myself and learn to love where I was. The town and all the surroundings of it really began to grow on me. If you ever get the chance to go to this area don’t turn it down.