Place Where You Live:

Glen Fork, West Virginia

Glen Fork a small rural town in the lost woods of West Virginia. Look at your surrounding and you will gaze upon the hills of the wild and wonderful. Neighbors are around at the call of emergency. You will find yourself stranger to none, and accompanied by few. My home in the Glen Fork holler is “high upon a hill” as stated in the Bible in Matthew 5:14 . This is my home flawed like everyplace but home is a happy place, full of love and family.

Tom Bailey Rd is the name of my holler, it is a straight road that forks off, giving us left fork and right fork. I used to live in left fork, it is a very narrow road almost looking like a valley because you are at the bottom of the hills. A creek that runs down the holler will always tell you if we are flooding or not. You can go to the end of the holler and look down and see the rain or snow coming up the hollow. Glen Fork is peaceful for the most part, sometimes loud motorcycles and four-wheelers drive past your house.

Life is a small town is the same every year, people live routinely. Summer time we play basketball, winter time we sleigh ride. Everyone hangs out at the middle school and watches the basketball games. Of course everyone likes to get into a little nonsense whenever you run out of things to do, which is very common living in a small town. Friends are family growing up in Glen Fork everyone welcomes you like a second child.