Place Where You Live:

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

I’ve seen this place when it was icy cool and steaming hot, looking at it’s every change. My spot is beautiful. It helps me be peaceful in the quiet around me. I can just listen and feel nature.

In summer, the green leaves of the trees shaded me from the glinting sun, shining through the sky’s blue dome. I heard the creek’s gurgling accompanied by the little birds cheeping. The rubbery grass has a drifting scent as I listen to the wind sifting through the leaves. Black and gray birds swoop by, like a curtain revealing the golden light shining on a mountain.

In autumn, the air grew cold and icy and it bit at my hands.Golden and red leaves get pulled by the wind until they tap dance across the grass. Time and the remaining leaves are crumpled and twisted. The grass is now in an endless fight to push the brown leaves into the wind.

In winter the snow turns everything into whiteness. The snowy branches scratch at the sky. The snow sparkles as tiny ice crystals form until it is a hard flakey blanket. The last leaves are sitting on top of the snow, begging to be frosted into a lacy gauze.

In spring, a coolness lingers in the warm air, willing the breeze to push it away. The leaves are alive with movement again. Everything I see is bright and green. The soil is moist and soft, reaching out its arms to falling seeds. Birds tweet happily again, the trees housing them in explosions of petals. The world is warming and shining, a beautiful flower.

Nature helped me calm down and feel its beauty as the seasons change.