Place Where You Live:

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

I’ve been through the seasons, seen all the beautiful changes, watched as green turned to brown, and warm to icy cold. The long green grass patiently waits for the sun on the top shelf, the warm sun shares glowing warmth to the earth. Trees tower high above concealing plants in darkness. Bare trees begin to create little buds, the breeze of a spring morning whistles lightly and the creek swiftly moves from place to place. Nature is a beautiful thing that most people don’t take the time to notice. Days pass like the wind that never stays in one spot. The change becomes frantic because I can’t relate one spot. The grass isn’t green, the ground isn’t moist. I touch the grass that’s no longer soft but brittle to touch, rusty brown leaves now scatter the grass. I sit there and watch the beautiful earth as nature clings to a cliff ready to fall as seasons come and go…waiting. Nature can be sang about, written about, and talked about, but it doesn’t make it real unless it is listened to and heard even through our busy schedules.