Place Where You Live:

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Gregory Park, 5/7/15

In mind, this place is a place I can go to calm down. In every way this place has the magic that nature has in the wild but it is all compacted into one safe haven. This place has a bubbly creek that goes happily on it’s way to cheer you up, like it has never had a sad day in its life.

Whatever you see, even one a bad day, something will come along to cheer you up, like a happy butterfly fluttering around from flower to flower. If you watch closely you can imagine tiny horses racing for positioning the crests of waves. Mostly, you hear the chatting sounds of the creek, but sometimes you will hear the lulling sounds of the far away highway. I’ve see all the seasons changes, from winter the animals are in their cozy burrows sneaking out for only tidbits of food. But in Spring all the animals are out sneaking about in the undergrowth. Also, when you just sit quietly you can hear the voices of the birds and some times you can hear the chirping of a relaxed cricket projecting his peaceful melody to the earth. This place has no end to the wonders of nature, as if the nature spirits want to welcome you to their ecosystem. This place, Gregory Park, is the essence of calm.