Place Where You Live:

Granada Hills, California

Granada Hills Welcomes You

Many people say the place where they live is very quiet, there’s not much to do, but for my place, it’s the total opposite. I was born in Reseda, California and lived there since I was about nine years old. My parents decided that I needed my education to be better than the schools that were in my future back in Reseda, so we decided to move to Granada Hills, California. Many people experience a sense of sadness when they move from their hometown, or maybe don’t like their new hometown as much as the old, but I couldn’t say the same. The first time I saw Granada Hills, I thought to myself that this place is so beautiful. As a grew older, heading into high school, I experienced more things happening around Granada Hills. I never missed a high school football game, nor did I ever miss my volleyball games, considering the fact that I was on the volleyball team. Every Friday night was alive with people heading down to the food trucks, that would come down and line up on Chatsworth street, which is only a two minute walk from my house. The food trucks made the night even better when football season was around. I love how living in this city there is always something to do. Skateland is always filled with kids my age every Friday and Saturday nights. The bowling alley is a favorite for family to have fun and enjoy spending as much time with them. The Northridge mall is a favorite for friends to walk around and get something to eat or even go watch a movie at the movie theater. When it was time to say goodbye to my Granada Hills and go to college in Camarillo, it was a big change for me because here living on campus, the closest shopping area is about a 15-20 minute drive, when back in Granada Hills, the closest shopping center is walking distance. I’m so used to waking up in the morning to hear the gardeners mowing grass, and church school behind my house filled with children screaming and playing in the playground, or even my neighbors taking their dogs out for morning runs. As the old saying goes, there’s no place like home.