Place Where You Live:

Guadalupe de Morelos, Oaxaca, Mexico

mi pueblito

Guadalupe de Morelos, Oaxaca, Mexico, my parents hometown, it is considered one of the most beautiful and magical place; for its views when you go up the mountain, gastronomy, culture, and its people. This magical place is known for itsexotic fruit called Pitaya. In Guadalupe, they make everything out of Pitaya, fresh water, ice cream, and the traditional candy that you can not miss if you visit Guadalupe.

When I visit this magical place the first thing I do is go with my family to climb up the mountain to get to our ranch house, getting there is a difficult task but it is worth the view. Once we are up there we can see an amazing view of the Mixteco River, the waterfall on the other side, and green mountains with cactus fulled of Pitayas. Time flies once you are up there, you just want to stay there forever to watch the sunset and just eat and eat pitayas of all the different colors (red, orange, purple and white). The pitaya ice cream is my favorite, my family and I enjoy making the ice cream at home with one of the best recipes, my grandmother’s recipe.

Even though Guadalupe it is not very visited by tourism and its people is emigrating to other states it is still a very precious town, the people, the food and its culture makes me want to go back to live there. Living in Guadalupe for 12 years made me fall in love with it, i enjoy its nature, the warmth of the people, even breathing the fresh air. Visiting people at Guadalupe it is one of the best things you can do, they give you food, fruit, traditional candies or whatever they have to offer you. People in this magical town will take you on a tour around the whole town because  they love visitors and they do not love anything more than showing off their hometown. They will take you to swim to the river, hiking the mountains to catch a sunset, climbing trees to get fruit, tour for the ranches, and even to help work in the fields or feed the animals.

If i had the chance to go back to live there i would take it because in Guadalupe you can feel that you belong to that culture even though you are not from there, the warmth of the people will make you love this magical town as much as i do.