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Highland Park, California

Highland Park Bowl

I moved to Highland Park when I was seven. This town is located in the North East Los Angeles area. It’s between Downtown LA, Pasadena, Eagle Rock and Glendale. I lived one house down from the 110 freeway, so it was common to hear a car crash or cars speeding at three in the morning. On the street that I lived on, there were so many parties. A lot of my neighbors liked the sound of loud bachata music, food, family, friends and laughter.

One important place in Highland Park is the Highland theater. This theater is one of the oldest buildings in Highland Park. It was built in 1950 and is located in the middle of the community. Although this theater only has three theater rooms and three popular movie showings at a time, the tickets are cheap; adults ten dollars, and children eight. Going to see a movie here is a popular thing to do on a Friday night.

Highland Park is filled with so many cultures. There are Chinese, Mexican, Salvadoran, and Italian restaurants located all over town. In addition, there are many coffee shops. My favorite place to eat is a Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant called Las Cazuelas. They have amazing food and they are known for their delicious pupusas. Another well known place is La Palapa. La Palapa is a snack/ dessert shop that makes and sells juices, ice cream, Fresas y Crema, acai bowls, boba smoothies, nachos and so much more.

Recently Highland Park has been renovating old buildings. One building they’ve renovated was an old bowling alley. The alley was built in 1927 and has recently reopened. It still has it’s vintage feel but also a new modern/ hipster feel. With the vintage couches and tables to the new modern bar in the front. Highland Park is filled with new and vibrant trends but is also filled with its history.