Place Where You Live:

Huntsville, Ontario

September 11, 2016

I am sitting next to the falls in the small western Ontario town of Bala. I’ve come to visit Peggy. As we talk, the waterfall tumbles wildly over ancient rocks, seems to want to reach the Moon River as quickly as possible, aims to find Georgian Bay. A red sign has been implanted in this old rock. It says PUBLIC USE OF THIS LAND IS PROHIBITED PURSUANT TO SEC. 28 OF THE PUBLIC LANDS ACT.

We are here nevertheless. And, I am not using the land. I am not using the waterfall. Unlike the builders, contractors, politicians, investors who want to build an ugly hydro plant here. They are the ones who want to use this place.
Today, I feel part of this place. I am made from the same ancient atoms and particles that the sun, rock, and water are made of. I am part of this creation. The sign states that the “Public may not use the land.” But the ones who would destroy it should be told that they may not USE it. Using implies wearing out, depleting, OWNERSHIP. They think this is ok because it’s theirs now and no one else should USE it.

The turtle’s belly crosses, climbs over this island, part of creation here. Is it using the land? No, it belongs here.

We need water and beauty, and only what we need, no more. Those who would use this beautiful place don’t need what they would take. They have more than they need and what they need can’t be had by obtaining more. They need to discover that which connects them to the rest of creation. They are disconnected from their own natural selves, separated from their Creator.

How do we show people, make the unaware, aware? An Elder told me once, Teach them, one at a time.

Like Peggy does, with anyone who stops by to chat with her as she sits near the waterfall. Many are converted, have their eyes opened. They witness the honouring of Creation. Some accept the invitation to be part of it.