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June Lake, California

June Lake, California

The thrill of travelling to June Lake each year will never become transparent to me. Just the idea of being able to drive into the valleys that surround the most surreal place has always given me a rush of adrenaline. Witnessing the true beauty of nature can be truly breathtaking, especially when you realize your surroundings slowly transform from an empty desert into a luscious green forest full of wildlife. My favorite part about the drive to June lake is passing all the small historic towns, and always stopping at Bishop for some maple syrup and bacon-filled pancakes. But the best feeling will always come with those last couple of seconds of anticipation before the trees dissipate and my eyes finally get vision of what I have been waiting for, June Lake.

Just the thought of going back to June Lake gives me chills. Remembering the warm summer days and the cool winter nights. Going outside, and witnessing the beauty of nature firsthand. From the deer’s grazing the grass in the morning to looking up in the night-sky and watching the galaxy take shape realizing that vast darkness that lies above. June Lake has provided me an opportunity to truly connect oneself with nature.

One of the most memorable feelings of visiting such a place as June Lake was being able to begin each day inhaling the crisp mountain air, and being able to feel each heartbeat acting as a resemblance of a new beginning. Surrounded by endless rock giants that shadow the valley into a dreamlike darkness. Watching the rising sun bring life to the vibrant valley. I’m not sure what it is, but something about the beauty of June has taken hold of me. From the smell of roasted smore’s on the campfire, to the pure bliss of swinging off a rope swing, everything about this small town has keened my interest and a part of me will always be stuck in June Lake.

Even as I leave, joy still flows through my veins knowing I will be back, but for now as I travel back out of the wilderness and into society, I realize that all that now connects me to this place is the memories I have created there over the years and I reminisce on the past and become hopeful for the future.