Place Where You Live:

La Jolla, San Diego, California

A beach with endless good times. We would wake up and get ready as early as we could. Then it was to getting everything together, towels, sunscreen, lunch, water, the gopro and most importantly the inflatable turtle. His name is Fredrick. We get in the car and the first stop is einstein bagels, using all the gift card we randomly find. The drive full laughing, singing at the top of our lungs and inside jokes. Arriving in La Jolla is filled with the sweet smell of sea salt. This is the time the windows go down and the music goes up. Which then lead to the worst part, parking. The streets are filled up and it’s only ten am. This means the parking lot is the only option. The parking lot is filled with people trying to get a spot just like us. This is when we circled the small parking lot until we were lucky enough to find a spot and when we do, it’s like winning the lottery. After twenty minutes of waiting we get a spot. We unpack the car and head to the swimmer’s side of the beach, which is past the main lifeguard tower. It’s a hot day today, which means hot sand. So finding a spot fast is crucial. Luckily we are here somewhat early and there’s enough room for the three of us (and Fredrick). We lay out our towels and apply tons of sunscreen, especially me because the sun and me aren’t the best of friends. Then the run to the water and quickly realize it is how cold it is but we don’t care and we keep going. Now we swim and swim, until we are past the breakers. This is our happy place, it has smooth water, it’s quite and just the three of us and Fredrick. We swim under the water, into waves and ride waves on Fredrick. This is the best days of summer. After a while we all chill on the beach the laughs never stop. We stay for endless hours, soaking up the sun.