Place Where You Live:

La Paz, Baja California Sur

Port of Illusions… by Alonso Mohedano.

When you think about the desert you think of dryness and harsh living conditions, nothing but cactus and bushes under an unmerciful sun. When you think about the Pacific Ocean, you think about sand, sun, palm trees sea animals and waves. What happens when the desert meets the Ocean? Well I´ll tell you what happens, you get one of the most beautiful environments and landscapes maybe ever in Baja California Sur, México.

Forests of cactus just next to a white sand beach with turquoise waters and sky painted on purple and pink during sunset. Where the roadrunner meets the pelican on the same beach. A place once called “The aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau. A place where you can experience being surrounded by pods of thousands of dolphins, witness one of the most graceful giants when humpback whales jump getting their whole body out of the water.  Where you can be part of a sea lion colony while playing with the juveniles under the protecting eyes of the adults all in the same afternoon and less than 1 mile from the coast.

A place where you can observe the Sea of Cortés and the Pacific Ocean from the same spot when climbing the Sierra´s Highest peak. A place where pumas, wild cats, coyotes, deer and big horned sheep meet peacefully in fresh water oasis. A place of fishermen, sailors and ranchers, tough but humble and honest at the same time. A place where you can tell how happy and satisfied people is just by observing the glow in their eyes. A place that inspires great minds such as Steinbeck´s. Paradise for scientists but also for surfers and divers. And if that was not enough, a place where Mexican cuisine from different regions converge making this site unforgettable and hard to leave.