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Ladyface Mountain, Agoura Hills, California

Agoura Hills may be a small community, but has so much to offer. The area is filled with many places to go visit both modern and historic. One of my favorite things to do in Agoura is going to Ladyface Mountain. Agoura Hills is also rich in history. Some people are not aware of this, but Agoura Hills and the surrounding areas about ten thousand years ago, were the home of the Chumash Indians. Nearby you can still visit cultural centers where the Chumash lived and thrived. High above overlooking Agoura Hills to the south are the mountains known as Ladyface, which the Indians used as a place to view the entire valley. Over one hundred years ago, people traveling up and down the coast would stop to refresh themselves in a natural spring, which is at the base of the mountain. Today you can still hike up Ladyface using one of its many tails. There is an old legend that Ladyface got its name because the Chumash believed it looks like a lady lying on her side, looking up at the sky, waiting for her beloved to return. Ladyface Mountain is a hard hike to complete on your own. My friends and I love to visit Ladyface to admire its beauty and take photos of her from her summit. I still remember the gentle breezes and the smell of the ocean air. There has been many times when we would become entranced with the beautiful views and the nature around us and having so much fun that we would lose track of time only to realize that we would have to leave soon. Photographing Ladyface with my friends is one of my favorite things to do, and I hope to continue this with my friends later on in life. I love to visit Ladyface in the fall time. The leaves on the trees become so many different colors and the breeze is amazing to feel. To sit down and just watch Ladyface with my friends gives me the warmest feeling inside. I am excited to go and visit Ladyface Mountain again with my friends and family soon. I love Agoura Hills for so many of its wonderful qualities.